Makati Sexguide
(Manila, Philippines)

Makati a gogo Bars on P. Burgos Street
with bargirls, dancers and GRO's.

On Padre Burgos Street in Makati you will find about 25 gogo bars (click here for Makati Bourgos Street photos) with lightly clad bikini dancers, gro's and waitresses aka "Girlie bars". These places cater to expats and foreign tourists so they are relativly pricey but also safe and customer friendly. The setup of all bars is similar. A well lit dancing stage, plenty of tables with chairs and some dark corners with curtains. Some bars have separate VIP rooms. Usually you enter one of the clubs to buy a drink for yourself and your friends (prices for local customer drinks vary between 60 and 180 Piso, half price during happy hour).
Normally you will be approached by gro's after entering a club. Some of them are rather aggressive - if you don't like them, just send them away and have a look at the dancers on the stage. Take your time and observe until you find a girl you like. Have a waitress or a floor manager call her over to your table and she will sit and talk with you while you buy her ladydrinks (from 250 to 300 Piso). If you have found a nice girl you can propose takeout and agree on the activities you plan to conduct with her.
You can hire a Manila bargirl as an companion and tourguide for your barhoping, dining, etc. or for more sensual privacy in your hotel room. Most girls will readily accept a takeout while others will not. The bar will require you to purchase 10 ladydrinks in order to let the bargirl leave her work before the end of her shift. In some bars they will ask for a flat payment in addition to your previous consumption (aka "barfine") while in others they will just ask you to pay as many more drinks as missing to the 10 count. As only about 30% of this barfine will go to the bargirl they will usually request an additional tip for you. Reasonable is everything between 1000 Piso for a quick blowjob and up to 2500 Piso for an overnight stay. Everything beyond is pure fantasy of the girls and should not be supported unless you want special services like anal, roleplay or other kinky stuff. Filipinas will normally not allow anal sex and are shy about everything that goes beyond vaginal and oral intercourse. Agree on the amount of the tip before you pay the barfine is a common advice by frequent visitors.
If you don't want to take the girl out, you can use a VIP room inside clubs like "Enchanted Room" or "Ivory" for blowjobs or full service. This will cost you 5 to 10 lady drinks depending on the policy of the club and a tip to the perfoming girl (usually 1000 Piso for a blowjob). Most of the clubs don't have VIP rooms but they offer intimate dark corners with curtains to gurantee privacy where they give blowjobs as in the VIP rooms.

Names of available clubs and links (if available):
Rogues, Hollywood, Cafe Mogambo, Bandidos, Ticklers, Shampoo, Billboard, Gaboose (Gay), Mascara, Rascals., Ivory, Jungle Room, Foxys, Cuddles, Dandasha, Montana, High Heels, Jools Cabaret, Fridays, Papillon, Enchanted Room, Stardust, Dimples, Bottoms, Flamingo, Wild Wild West. (some pages are inactive from time to time)

Operating hours:
most bars open around 6 pm and close at 4 am. Some offer half prices on drinks during their happy hours from 6 pm until 8 pm.

Further info:
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